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Offline SIM APN Database PRO 1.328

Offline SIM APN Database PRO 1.328

Offline SIM APN Database PRO 1.328 Apk Android Package Name Is com.OfflineSIMAPNDatabasePro By Robert Soult

  • MD5 Of APK: 8811f32bc0632864fbb26258011d0cd9
  • Developer : Robert Soult
  • Size : 150.13 KB (153736) Byte
  • Version : 1.328
  • Filename : com.OfflineSIMAPNDatabasePro.apk
  • Website:
  • Version Code :1.328
  • SDK : 5

Changelogs In Offline SIM APN Database PRO 1.328

A fix has been made to the root add function. On some devices this action crashed the phone process.

More About Offline SIM APN Database PRO

Offline APN Database is for international travelers who like saving money on cell voice and data service by using a local SIM card purchased at their destination. The app contains a locally stored database with over 1300 different APN codes for carriers all over the globe. The app will be updated whenever the list is modified.
If you find a SIM that does not have a valid APN in the database please email me the settings displayed on the first screen so we can find the correct settings together. I would like the APN list to be as complete as possible, but I will need help from everyone. Please check against the database using the free version first.

I wrote this app for my own travels, so I have a personal desire for it to work whenever I happen to be. I don’t want to buy a SIM I can’t get the settings for either.

How does this app save money?
Most cell providers charge outrageous fees for international roaming. You can avoid international roaming fees by purchasing a local SIM. In many countries you can get one for less than $10.

In order to do this you need a phone that is not carrier locked (this is not the same as rooting). You can get your phone’s unlock code and instructions on how to use it from your carrier. Most of the time you can get this over the phone from your service provider.

Using a local SIM will give you a local phone number. However, If the purchased SIM card includes data getting an internet connection requires the service providers APN settings. This can be difficult to get if you do not speak the local language.

You can learn more about APN settings and how they work here:http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiAccess_Point_NameThis app contains a huge database of known APN settings for SIM cards. Run the app and search for your SIM’s APN settings. Then you can add these settings automatically, or in the case of Ice Cream Sandwich users copy and paste the individual settings into a new APN entry.

The professional version displays the SIM phone number if available, and adds the ability to browse the included APN database by country. This will allow people to check on what APN strings are in the system before traveling to a new destination.

The current release of Android has disabled the ability to add APN settings with 3rd party software. You will need to use the copy buttons (see the screen shot) and paste the settings into a new APN entry manually. As of now the only way around this limitation requires root access (do this at your own risk) and placing the app in the system directory.

This application will not give your phone signal where it normally will not get it.
This application it meant for phones with a GSM antenna. If your phone does not have a SIM slot this application will do nothing for you.

My email is provided for support with the application. If you have a GSM phone and have entered a SIM card that was not provided with the phone and the application does not have your APN setting please email me. If you have any other issue please contact your service provider.

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Offline SIM APN Database PRO 1.328Offline SIM APN Database PRO 1.328
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