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com.cranberrygame.defendcake 1.0.7

com.cranberrygame.defendcake 1.0.7

Download com.cranberrygame.defendcake 1.0.7 Apk Android Package Name Is com.cranberrygame.defendcake By cranberrygame

  • MD5 Of APK: 5a77c0f5a43c165089ba45ac0870bdbe
  • Developer : cranberrygame
  • Size : 9.05 MB (9493414) Byte
  • Version : 1.0.7
  • Filename : com.cranberrygame.defendcake.apk
  • Website:
  • Version Code :1.0.7
  • SDK : 14

Changelogs In com.cranberrygame.defendcake 1.0.7

This game’s goal is to defend cake from bugs.

There is delicious cake in the screen center plate.

But bugs are catching smell and comming out here and there.

If let it be as it is, the cake will diappear.

Now, let catch bugs.

Drag circular saw.

Catch bugs which come here and there.

Defend delicious cake.

No yield to bugs.

Focus on catching bugs!

Success on catching bugs!

You will now can eat delicious cake.

Compare your score with other’s in global leaderboard.


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ScreenShot From com.cranberrygame.defendcake 1.0.7

com.cranberrygame.defendcake 1.0.7com.cranberrygame.defendcake 1.0.7
com.cranberrygame.defendcake 1.0.7 Apk Visit Official PlayStore Page 

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